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SCA’s geoLOGIC is a regular, free technical publication from SCA. The newsletter provides technical insights on geoscience and engineering, as well as important observations regarding trends in the oil and gas industry.

Download one of our archived issues of the geoLOGIC below.

2023 2021 2020 2018
geoLOGIC 1st Ed 2023 geoLOGIC 1st Ed 2021 geoLOGIC 1st Ed 2020 geoLOGIC 2nd Ed 2018
geoLOGIC 1st Ed 2018
2017 2016 2015 2014
geoLOGIC 3rd Ed 2017 geoLOGIC 2nd Ed 2016 geoLOGIC 2nd Ed 2015 geoLOGIC 2nd Ed 2014
geoLOGIC 2nd Ed 2017 geoLOGIC 1st Ed 2016 geoLOGIC 1st Ed 2015 geoLOGIC 1st Ed 2014
geoLOGIC 1st Ed 2017
2013 2012
geoLOGIC 3rd Ed 2013 geoLOGIC 3rd Ed 2012
geoLOGIC 2nd Ed 2012
geoLOGIC 1st Ed 2012


Additionally, download the SUMMARY from SCA’s industry survey:

”Millennials in the Energy Industry: Bridging the Generation Gap”.