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Geoscientists & Engineers

Our network of industry experts covers every aspect of the upstream E&P business with consulting experience in virtually every major producing basin worldwide.

Projects & Studies

We can assemble a multidisciplinary team of consulting experts with the skills and firsthand experience to evaluate the full spectrum of global opportunities, from rank exploration to enhanced recovery.

Business Advisory Services

Combines extensive hands-on experience and direct access to high-quality technical experts and training to impact company performance and bottom-line delivery.

A lake in the shape of human footprints in the middle of a lush forest as a metaphor for the impact of human activity on the landscape and nature in general. 3d rendering.

Carbon Capture
Utilization & Storage

We provide consulting experts to handle all technical aspects of the CCUS storage project workflow. We have also partnered with organizations that can provide additional opportunities in CCUS.

Reservoir & Geomechanics

Subsurface Alliance consists of a network of subsurface specialists that uses a Team-of-Teams approach to efficiently solve problems that have a direct business impact in today’s fast-paced and evolving energy industry.


Integrated multi-scale characterization and modeling of geothermal reservoirs, physics-based modeling of subsurface in-situ stresses and mechanical properties, and implementation of coupled geomechanical models to optimize development plans.

Third Party & Peer Review

SCA provides teams of expert consultants with global experience in quality assurance to conduct reviews at the corporate strategy, play assessment, prospect portfolio, or major capital project sanctioning level.

A&D Advisory Services

SCA can provide a team of consultants with asset-specific experience and technical expertise to quickly perform due diligence and an impartial commercial evaluation of acquisition targets.


Our network of highly experienced, late-career geoscientists and engineers can address their mentees’ specific skill or experience gaps while fulfilling mentoring roles.