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Ten Habits

SCA’s founder, Dan Tearpock, was fond of saying that it is highly trained geoscientists, not workstations, that find oil and gas. His industry best practices are summarized as the “Ten Habits of Highly Successful Oil Finders.”


SCA’s geoLOGIC is a regular, free technical publication from SCA. Published several times per year, this newsletter provides technical insight on geoscience and engineering, as well as important observations regarding trends in the oil and gas industry.


SCA provides technical textbooks for purchase on the subject of geological mapping and prospect evaluation.

Lunch & Learn

SCA experts can deliver hour-long talks on a variety of technical topics well-suited for in-house lunch and learn presentations or society functions. All talks qualify for continuing education credits.


SCA offers a library of FREE On-Demand Webinars for your viewing. Additionally, sign up for an upcoming Live Webinar today!


SCA’s e-Brochure provides a comprehensive look at our company history, culture, and the services that we offer.

Become A Consultant

SCA’s e-Book, “The Next Chapter: From Employee to Independent Contractor in the Energy Industry” provides a thorough, step-by-step guide to becoming a consultant in the energy industry.

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