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Bob has over 40 years of practical experience in the petroleum industry as an openhole wireline engineer, product development manager, petrophysicist, and completion optimization advisor. His primary focus is the integration of petrophysics with completion and reservoir engineering to maximize well recovery factors. He has extensive experience in both conventional and organic shale reservoirs. Bob received the Regional Formation Evaluation Award from the Society of Petroleum Engineers Southwest North America region (Permian Basin) in May of 2018. He served as a Distinguished Lecturer 1995-1996 for the Society of Petroleum Engineers on the optimization of completion designs using petrophysical and reservoir engineering inputs. He was one of 130 nominees for the 2024-25 tour as well.

Bob is a recognized industry authority on refrac candidate selection and refrac “best practices.” His articles have been published in Oil and Gas Investor, American Oil and Gas Reporter, Oil and Gas Journal, and the Journal of Petroleum Technology. Bob served as an expert witness on log derived rock properties for BP in the Macondo trial. He pioneered techniques to evaluate well performance using production data and routine well log data and has applied the concept to over 5,000 wells to date. Most recent projects involve documenting refrac reorientation (URTeC paper 3724057) and documenting parent-child damage (SPE paper 212371).