Robert "Bob" Barba

Bob spent 10 years with Schlumberger as an openhole field engineer, sales engineer, and product development manager. While at Schlumberger he was the North American product champion for the “FracHite” and “Quantifrac” products that integrated wireline, testing, and pumping inputs to optimize hydraulic fracture treatments. Since then he has spent 24 years consulting to over 250 companies on petrophysics and completion optimization.

He served as a SPE Distinguished Lecturer on integrating petrophysics with the hydraulic fracture treatment optimization process. He has implemented this integration process in a wide variety of reservoirs in North America, conducting numerous field studies for operators evaluating the effective frac length and recovery factors in over 4000 wells and providing "best practices" recommendations based on the study results (SPE 90483). He has been responsible for the petrophysical analysis of over 50 major fields worldwide as part of integrated reservoir characterization studies identifying remaining mobile hydrocarbons. He has authored 36 technical papers on the integration of petrophysics with completion designs, horizontal wells, and reservoir characterization projects.

Recent major consulting projects have integrated petrophysics with completions in organic shale reservoirs for major operators in the, Wolfberry, Wolfbone, Wolfcamp, Marcellus, Utica, Cline, Eagle Ford, and Bakken. His latest paper (SPE 174994) “Liquids Rich Organic Shale Recovery Factor Applications” (to be presented at the 2015 ATCE) demonstrates the application of the techniques presented in the school to estimate recoveries and producing heights with various landing options and to optimize the number of stacked laterals in organic shale reservoirs. Another recent paper (SPE 125008) “A Novel Approach to Identifying Refracturing Candidates and Executing Refracture Treatments in Multiple Zone Reservoirs” has received considerable attention lately with the resurgence of refracs in the current pricing environment. Bob has a BS from the US Naval Academy and MBA from the University of Florida. He is also a member of the SPE, SPWLA, and the AAPG.

Mr. Barba teaches the following courses: