Ed Savage

Ed Savage has over 40 years experience in the evaluation of oil and gas properties, prospects and basins for economic and reserve potential, including the systematic and rigorous application of risk and uncertainty principles. Has worked as a logging engineer, petrophysicist, reservoir engineer and economist. Most of his career has been in the identification, evaluation and recommendation of investment opportunities to management for acquisitions, dispositions, trades, farm-ins or farm-outs, and for development. Areas of special interests are the application of statistical techniques to reservoir engineering and economics analysis and the development of consistent evaluation techniques to ensure optimum selection of exploration and production acquisition and drilling opportunities. Special studies have included basin and trend analysis, competitor analysis, company-wide reserves standards and the techniques for measuring the effectiveness of capital employed in exploration and production. Mr. Savage has a B.S. in Mathematics and has done graduate work in Petroleum Engineering and Statistics.

Mr. Savage teaches the following course: