Structural Geology & Tectonics As Applied To Upstream Problems

INSTRUCTOR: Catalina Luneburg, PhD and James Granath, PhD
DISCIPLINE: Geoscience
CEUS: 4.0



WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Exploration and production geologists.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A unique training program in which clients can design a customized, three to five-day training course comprised of half day, critical skill modules (see below) coupled with hands on consulting/mentoring. Blended learning techniques will be integrated through a variety of teaching styles and materials such as PowerPoint presentations, handouts, videos and online activities. The content of each module reflects science or expertise related to an oil and gas workflow, topic, or problem, especially integration of geological and seismic data into a valid and reasonable structural interpretation.

Each training module can be further expanded with individualized consulting/mentoring by subject-matter experts to further enhance the learning experience. These consulting services can address the client’s own data and specific challenges.



Sample 5-Day Course Content:

  • Day 1:
    • Introduction: Compressional HC traps
    • Deformation mechanisms and mechanical stratigraphy
    • Mechanics of faulting and fracturing
  • Day 2:
    • Folding and fault-fold relationships
    • Basement-involved compressional block uplifts
  • Day 3:
    • Thin-skinned fold and thrust belts
    • Inversion tectonics
  • Day 4:
    • Restoration and cross section balancing
    • Advanced restoration techniques
  • Day 5:
    • Consultation/Mentoring: Special problems: hands-on restoration workflow with client’s data sets


Optional Modules available below for customized in-house training.  Design your custom training course with guidance from SCA.  All modules are half-day and are designed for exploration and production geoscientists at any career level.

  • Applied Rock Deformation Concepts
  • Deformation Mechanisms/Mechanical Stratigraphy
  • Mechanics of Faulting and Fracturing
  • Folding and Fault/Fold Relationships
  • Natural fractures and fracture modeling
  • Geomechanics
  • Physics of sealing and sealing faults
  • Fundamentals of salt and shale tectonics
  • Restoration and cross section balancing
  • Advanced restoration techniques
  • Structural styles and HC traps overview
  • Structure of continental rifts
  • Rifting to passive margin: hyperextension
  • Thin-skinned extensional structural geology
  • Basement-involved compressional block uplifts
  • Thin-skinned fold and thrust belts
  • Fundamentals of strike-slip tectonics
  • Inversion tectonics
  • Epi-cratonic basins and foreland basins