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Pressure Transient Well Test Design and Interpretation

Christine Ehlig-Economides, PhD

INSTRUCTOR: Christine Ehlig-Economides, PhD
DISCIPLINE: Engineering, Formation Evaluation
CEUS: 4.0
AVAILABILITY: Public, In-House, & Live Online 

SAMPLE TOPIC FROM THE CLASS: "Modern Challenges for Pressure and Rate Transient Analysis”

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Engineers and geoscientists interested in well and reservoir evaluation from well tests and production data.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This 5-day course will provide a comprehensive view of pressure transient test design and interpretation. The emphasis is on understanding how well and reservoir parameters of practical interest can be quantified from well tests. Well parameters causing productivity loss include near wellbore damage and limited entry; those stimulating productivity include hydraulic fracturing and well deviation, the latter including horizontal wells. Reservoir parameters include vertical and horizontal permeability, natural fractures, and reservoir boundary characterizations. The course begins with a brief derivation of the models used for pressure transient analysis and hands on interpretation basics. The test design module describes a wide variety of test types and acquaints participants with forward simulation using commercial software providing a rich analytical model catalog. Then basic analysis is extended to include gas reservoirs and the effects of heterogeneity due to natural fractures. Next the emphasis turns to characterizing vertical and lateral reservoir limits and how the latter relates to seismic data interpretation. Then both pressure transient and production data analysis are considered for horizontal and hydraulically fractured wells. Finally, we examine multiwell and interference testing. Participants are invited to bring data for the class to consider on the last day if not before.


Contact SCA for details on required software licenses.


  • Learn how well test models are derived and computed.
  • Experience how to simulate pressure transient test behavior and how to design well tests.*
  • Experience how to process, quality check, diagnose, and analyze pressure transient data.
  • Understand the behavior of well and reservoir response patterns observed in well tests, what well and reservoir parameters can be quantified, and how to quantify them from pressure transient data.

*Using commercial software (Ecrin suite by Kappa Engineering)*