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Home 9 Training 9 Course Listing 9 Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage – A Geological Perspective

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage – A Geological Perspective

Rajan Chokshi, PhD

INSTRUCTOR: Stephen A. Sonnenberg, PhD
DISCIPLINE: Geoscience, Engineering, Multi-Disciplinary & Introductory
COURSE LENGTH: 2 Days (Classroom) / 4 Half-Day Sessions (Live Online)
CEUS: 1.6
AVAILABILITY: Public, In-House, & Live Online

SAMPLE TOPIC FROM THE CLASS: "Geologic Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage"

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Geologists, geophysicists, engineers who are interested in geologic carbon capture utilization and storage.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will discuss carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) from a geologic perspective. Examples from carbon capture utilization (CCU) including enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects will be shown. Known and proposed carbon capture storage (CCS) examples will also be covered.


  • CCUS Options.
  • Screening Criteria for CCU.
  • Screening Criteria for CCS.
  • Relevant Mineral Reactions to Consider.
  • Monitoring of Projects.
  • Induced Seismicity.



Introduction and Geologic Considerations

  • Greenhouse gases
  • CCUS options
  • CO2 phase behavior
  • Subsurface brines
  • Some mineral reactions
  • Hydrocarbon traps (key elements)
  • Induced seismicity

CO2 Storage in Depleted Oil and Gas Reservoirs

  • Screened for production volume, depth, proximity of anthropogenic CO2 source
  • Reservoir size and properties
  • Trap
  • Seal

Enhanced Oil Recovery and Enhanced Gas Recovery

  • What is it?
  • Where is it applied?
  • How does it work?
  • Examples
  • EOR in unconventionals

Gas Storage Fields and CO2 Options

  • Review of gas storage field types
    1. Depleted oil and gas fields
    2. Salt caverns, mines, etc.
    3. Aquifer storage fields
  • CO2 options

Enhanced Coalbed Methane (CBM) and CO2 Storage in Deep Coal Seams

  • CBM basics
  • Enhanced CBM with CO2
  • CO2 options in deep un-mineable coal seams

Enhanced Shale Gas and CO2 Storage

  • Shale gas basics
  • CO2 options

CO2 Injection in Saline Aquifers

  • Selection criteria
  • Examples

CO2 Fields and Options

  • Review of natural CO2 fields
  • CO2 Options

Enhanced Geothermal Options

CO2 and Carbonation Options

  • Geologic disposal – mineralization
  • Mineral reactions
  • Examples

Summary and Wrap-Up