Basic Petroleum Engineering Practices

INSTRUCTOR: Kirk Boatright, PhD PE
DISCIPLINE: Engineering, Multi-Disciplinary & Introductory
CEUS: 4.0
AVAILABILITY: Public & In-House


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WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Entry-level technical & non-technical personnel who would like an understanding of the discipline of petroleum engineering.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is more than an introduction to petroleum engineering and is not a superficial presentation of the technology of the industry. Its purpose is to develop an understanding of the technology and its applications at an engineer’s level, and the confidence, professionalism and, therefore, productivity which comes with that understanding. Participants are placed in the position of Reservoir Engineer, and “Our Reservoir” is defined, analyzed and put in production. Next, drill sites are chosen. Participants are then placed in the position of Drilling/Completion Engineer, and the drilling/completion program for “Our Well” is analyzed. Participants enter those specialized programs with a depth of understanding of that particular technology and relation to other classic and new technologies of the industry. The course focuses on the field and application approach, and includes classroom and outside exercises, fundamental engineering problems, and basic field exercises.


  • Reservoir fluid and rock properties.
  • Fundamentals of reservoir fluid flow.
  • Oil and gas reservoir classification, definition, delineation and development.
  • Unconventional reservoirs
  • Fundamentals of drilling, well completion, and production operations.
  • Basics of casing design and primary cementing.
  • Primary and enhanced recovery mechanisms.
  • Surface operations.
  • Terminology of exploration and production (language of the oil field).



  • Basic petroleum geology.
  • Reservoir fluid properties
  • Our reservoir
  • Petroleum geology
  • Petroleum reservoirs
  • Hydrocarbon generation & occurrence
  • Reservoir fluid distribution & flow characteristics
  • Tight oil & gas reservoirs
  • Hydrocarbon reservoir classification & definition
  • Exploration technology
  • Defining the hydrocarbon reservoir
  • The reservoir development plan
  • Drilling engineering & operations
  • Well completion technology
  • Production technology
  • Reservoir development practices
  • Hydrocarbon recovery mechanisms
  • Surface processing of produced fluids