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John W. Snedden, PhD


Dr. Snedden teaches the following course:


John W. Snedden, PhD

Dr. John W. Snedden is the Director of the Gulf Basin Depositional Synthesis research project at the Institute for Geophysics, The University of Texas at Austin. A former ExxonMobil petroleum geologist with PhD, MS, and BA degrees from US universities, he accumulated more than 25 years of global experience in international exploration, production and development projects. He has used sequence and seismic stratigraphy to solve problems in 20 different basins including U.S. Gulf Coast, West Texas Midland Basin, North Sea, Mid-Norway, Barents Sea, Papua New Guinea, Arkoma Basin, Niger Delta, Sarawak (Malaysia), Mahakam Delta (Indonesia), US Atlantic Shelf, Northwest Shelf, Australia, Pannonian Basin (Hungary), South Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan,, Turkmenistan), China, Norwegian Sea, Gulf of Mexico shelf and slope, North Caspian Basin (Kazakhstan), Lower Saxony and Ruhr – Muensterland Basins, Germany (unconventional, CBM, Shale Gas, Light Tight Oil), and the deep-water Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Snedden’s strengths include Sequence and Seismic Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Reservoir Characterization, Reservoir Connectivity Analysis, Unconventional Resource Stratigraphy, and training of technical professionals. He has published over 30 technical papers and given multiple invited and award-winning presentations. He continues teaching external short courses through AAPG and SEPM, and served as technical program chair for both national and international conventions.

He is the co-editor of SEPM Special Publication No. 64, Isolated Shallow Marine Sand Bodies and compiler of the AAPG CD-ROM “Getting Started in Deltas”. He has served as Vice-President of the Gulf Coast Section of SEPM, and Secretary-Treasurer of the national SEPM organization. He recently won several important awards including the A.I. Levorsen Award, GCAGS Journal Best Paper Award, AAPG AAPG Shelton Search and Discovery Award, and was selected as a finalist for the Heritage of the Petroleum Geologist on AAPG’s 100th anniversary.

As a senior research scientist, he leads the University of Texas at Austin research project focused upon Gulf of Mexico Cenozoic and Mesozoic depositional systems in the US and Mexico, which is currently supported by 25 oil and gas exploration companies. John is lead author of the new book The Gulf of Mexico Sedimentary Basin: Depositional Evolution and Petroleum Applications published by Cambridge University Press, with William Galloway, co-author.