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Eric D. Carlson, P.G.


Mr. Carlson teaches the following course:


Jill Almaquer, PE, MBA, PHP

Eric has been a petroleum geologist for 30 plus years. He worked with Marathon Oil Company, CDS Oil and Gas Group plc, and LCS Production Company, and has consulted for several Independents and PEMEX. He has an 82% drilling success record, including a 97% success rate during 2015 – 2020. Eric has worked in 12 offshore and onshore US Basins, including more than 5 years in the offshore Gulf of Mexico; and 4 basins in Latin America.

He is a subtle pay specialist who has helped reverse production declines in the Permian Basin, the Gulf of Mexico and onshore Mexico. He has generated integrated seismic/subsurface prospect interpretations and field studies in conventional fields. He has helped develop conventional reservoirs with infill drilling, waterfloods, tertiary recovery programs and horizontal drilling. Eric’s experience includes preparing reserve EUR’s & lease valuations in tite sands & unconventional shale plays (Permian Basin, Hardeman Basin, San Juan Basin, and Latin America). He has done unconventional exploration in Latin America and the US. Eric’s Wellsite Supervision experience includes more than 25 offshore logging jobs and 200 Permian Basin logging jobs (12 wireline companies, 15 mudlogging companies).

Additionally, he has performed more than 600 e-log evaluations in unconventional zones and several thousand pay counts in conventional reservoirs. Eric earned a BA/Honors in Geoscience (1982) from Cornell University. He is a licensed geologist in the State of Texas: License Number 5258. He is a member of the AAPG and other professional associations.