Raymond Woodward

Raymond Woodward received his geology degree from Baylor University in April 1979, worked for various independent petroleum E&P companies in exploration, exploitation, and supervisory roles until joining Sonat Exploration in 1994. Woodward spent 4 ½ years in Sonat’s Austin Chalk Business Unit during the earlier years of the broad-scale application of horizontal drilling. That setting provided immersive experience in the early and still-developing areas of horizontal geology, stratigraphic geosteering, and horizontal drilling. Upon Sonat’s liquidation in 1999, Woodward remained in Tyler, TX as an independent geologist-consultant, and encountered the substantial demand for experienced geologic consultation pertaining to horizontal wells. BHL Consulting, Inc was incorporated in 2000. By 2004, Woodward had designed and brought to fruition BORESIGHT Geosteering Software, initially only for BHL’s consulting functions. Consulting clients’ demand for fully functional geosteering software led to the spin-off of BHL BORESIGHT, Inc, BHL’s software sister company, with Woodward as president of both companies.

BHL Consulting now includes 15 consulting geologists which have collectively steered over 25 million feet of horizontal hole in the US Lower 48, Canada, and Morocco, in 14 different basins, and most significant horizontal plays. As of BHL’s last market share estimate, BORESIGHT software accounted for roughly half of all horizontal wells in Texas and nearly one-third of them in the US onshore, plus scattered international applications. Given the ever-evolving nature and explosive growth of horizontal drilling use and technology, it has remained necessary to continue adding to BHL’s knowledge base, forward-evolve the software and keep BHL consultants updated. Woodward has made geosteering overview presentations for various geologic societies, expanded in-house training programs for client operating companies, and AAPG-related short courses on multiple occasions, receiving the 2015 Best Paper award from the AAPG Division of Professional Affairs for “The Three P’s of Geosteering: Principals, Practices, and Pitfalls.”

Mr. Woodward teaches the following course: