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Maximizing Upstream Oil/Gas Exploitation Value by Leveraging Subsurface Excellence, Innovation & Digitalization (SSXID)

Rajan Chokshi, PhD

INSTRUCTOR: Srini Prasad
DISCIPLINE: Engineering
COURSE LENGTH: 1 Day (Classroom) / Two 3.5-Hour Sessions (Live Online)
AVAILABILITY: Public, In-House, & Live Online


Check back in periodically for updated Public and Live Online course dates! To schedule an In-House course, contact SCA’s Training Department at

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Reservoir Engineers, Production Engineers, Subsurface Managers, and Asset Managers.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The class provides an overview of how to maximize value in the upstream oil & gas exploitation space by leveraging subsurface excellence, innovation, and digitalization (SSXID). The subsurface is the foundation of an upstream oil and gas company. The rock and fluid characteristics are key to getting the best returns on your investment. A key financial metric is the cost/barrel. Subsurface excellence, innovation and digitalization are key to “increasing the denominator” of the financial metric.

The class stresses the importance of selecting the right development concept, then “doing the project right” and delivering the sanction promise (recoverable volume, production, cost and schedule). It highlights a systematic methodology for maximizing the ultimate recovery and “reducing the effective carbon footprint” for the development.

The class provides case studies of applying these principles of subsurface excellence, innovation, and digitalization to maximize exploitation value.


  • Key Subsurface Excellence Themes and Examples.
    1. Benchmark sanction case recoverable volume per completion and recovery factor estimates.
    2. Develop Robust Production/Injection Forecast & Reserves Delivery Expectations.
    3. Maximize ultimate recovery.
  • SSXID Application Case Study Highlights.
    1. Enhancing Offshore Water Injection Delivery and Performance.
    2. Increasing Potential Waterflood Recovery with Low Salinity Water Injection.
    3. Conventional Reservoir Brownfield Development Optimization using Digital Behavior Twins
    4. Enhancing Unconventional Reservoir Recovery using Gas Injection


  • What is the Context?
  • What is the Driver?
  • What is the Scope of Subsurface Excellence/Innovation?
  • What are the Key Subsurface Excellence Themes?
  • Subsurface Excellence, Innovation & Digitalization Application Case Study Learnings
    1. ­Key factors governing offshore water injection delivery and performance
    2. ­Key water injection performance metrics
    3. ­­Best Practices to enhance water injection delivery and performance
    4. ­How to evaluate the potential value of low salinity water injection
    5. How to identify the highest value option for a conventional brownfield development
    6. ­How to benchmark & optimize the recovery enhancement from injecting gas into a shale oil reservoir
  • What is a Reservoir Engineer’s role?
  • Test your Upstream Industry IQ