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Home 9 Training 9 Course Listing 9 Deepwater Operations Geology and the Technology to Acquire & Evaluate Data During Operations
Deepwater Operations Geology and the Technology to Acquire & Evaluate Data During Operations
John Keasberry

INSTRUCTOR: John Keasberry
DISCIPLINE: Geoscience
CEUS: 4.0


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WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All geoscientists, petroleum engineers, well engineers, and technical personnel, who in the course of their career will attend or direct subsurface and wellsite operations.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Participants will review a series of technical challenges for deepwater exploration operations through lectures operations management models and key technologies and discuss the possible solutions to problems encountered in deepwater exploration operations. They will also improve their understanding of geological operations in general. All sessions below relate to geology, whether it covers geophysics, petrophysics, drilling or reservoir engineering.



  • Session 1. Introduction. Scope and Course brief.
  • Session 2. Geophysical overview. Covers all geophysical data acquisition with particular emphasis on seismic and interpretation, with some exercises.
  • Session 3. Drilling Operations overview. In this session, deepwater and ultra-deep wells will be highlighted. Basic drilling operations in various environments will be discussed as well. UDW, UDWW, Macondo-1 and its failure will also be reviewed.
  • Session 4. Wellsite Geology. The main topic of discussion is the collation of geological data at the wellsite, this including responsibilities and reporting of that collation. Operations at the wellsite are also discussed.
  • Session 5. Mudlog and Cuttings. Discussion followed by a major hands-on exercise. This is essential in all drilling operations as it constitutes the first geological information to the surface.
  • Session 6. Cuttings and Core description. A number of samples and cores will be provided for the participants to describe and interpret.
  • Session 7. Operations Geology for Deepwater. Discussions around management of the collated data at the wellsite. Highlights include proper (re)presentation of the data, pre-spud operations and reporting, reporting-while-drilling, and post operations reporting.
  • Session 8. Well logging Operations overview. Theory and application of the most common logging tools are covered. Emphasis will be put on the implication of logging in UDW and UDWW.
  • Session 9. Well Testing overview. This session covers geological information which could be obtained away from the wellsite leading to a better understanding of the target reservoir.



Geophysical Operations

  • Acquisition of various geophysical data, i.e. gravity, magnetic and electrical methods
  • Acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic data (+exercises)
  • 2D, 3D and 4D data
  • Implications and effects on geological interpretation


Drilling Operations (Well Engineering)

  • Bits
  • Casing and cementing (+video)
  • Fluids
  • Drilling problems and well control (+videos)
  • Directional
  • Geosteering and DtL

Wellsite Geology

  • Mudlogging Services (+exercise)
    • Data acquisition
    • Monitoring
    • ROP
    • Gas
    • Mudweight
  • Data Recording
    • Cuttings percentage log (+exercise)
  • Sampling & Cuttings
    • Lag time (+exercise)
    • Evaluation (+exercise)
  • Hydrocarbon Detection
    • Data acquisition
  • Sidewall samples and coring
    • Acquisition
    • Handling
    • Retrieval
    • Analysis (+exercise)
  • Reporting
    • Daily drilling report (+exercise)
    • Lithological and composite well log (+exercise)
    • Final report (+exercise)


Cuttings & Core Examination (Practical exercises)

  • Cuttings
    • Description
    • Abbreviations
    • Reporting
  • Cores
    • Description
    • Lithology
    • Correlation


Wellsite Operations

  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Well proposal
  • Well planning processes
    • Site survey and shallow gas hazards
    • Drilling program
    • Contracting
    • Services
    • Data Management
    • Support
  • Daily drilling and geological report (+exercise)
  • Weekly drilling report
  • Final well report (+exercise)


Logging Operations (Petrophysics)

  • Acquisition (+video)
  • Concepts
  • Tools
  • Quick look interpretation (+exercise)


Well Testing (Reservoir Engineering)

  • MDT, FDT, and DST (+video)
  • Field-wide averaging
  • Pressure behavior
  • PVT
  • Reservoir modelling (+video)


(NOTE: Cutting samples, cores, exercises, and videos are provided)