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Basic Petroleum Operations
Ruben Oscar Caligari

INSTRUCTOR: Ruben O. Caligari
DISCIPLINE: Multi-Disciplinary & Introductory
COURSE LENGTH (DAYS): 2 Days (optional 3rd)
CEUS: 1.6
AVAILABILITY: In-House; This course is available in Spanish.


Contact SCA’s Training Department at to schedule an In-House course.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Entry-level engineers and technical personnel who work in field operations and need to understand fundamental technologies on well drilling and completion, production operations and surface facilities. Engineers, geologists and geophysicists that need a better understanding of petroleum operations to perform in multidisciplinary teams. No previous knowledge of the subject is required.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course presents the basics of reservoir properties to better understand the various drilling, completion, and production technologies. Rotary drilling principles, equipment and operations are described, as well as casing and cementing procedures. Participants will acquire basic knowledge on well completion technologies (conventional and rig-less) with emphasis in hydraulic fracturing.

Fundamentals of vertical flow in wells and artificial lift methods, field fluids conditioning, surface facilities descriptions, and environmental aspects of operations are also covered.

Student participation and discussion of field examples are encouraged.


  • Properties of oil and gas reservoirs and reservoir fluids.
  • Drilling for oil and gas; rotary system, equipment, and procedures; well control principles.
  • Casing and cementing; well head equipment.
  • Offshore drilling technologies; directional and horizontal drilling; rig-less operations.
  • Well completion operations: logging, perforating, squeeze cementing.
  • Matrix and fracture stimulation; conventional and unconventional systems.
  • Production equipment; artificial lift principles and methods; surface facilities.
  • Engineering and industry terminology.




  • Properties of reservoir rocks and fluids; pressure and temperature of reservoirs.
  • Drilling principles and technologies: rotary system, drilling fluids, pressure control; drilling tools.
  • Vertical and directional drilling: basic offshore technologies; casing and cementing oil wells.
  • Well completion: basic operations and technologies.
  • Hydraulic fracturing: principles and operations, conventional and unconventional systems.
  • Vertical flow in wells and artificial lift methods.
  • Production operations and field conditioning of produced fluids.
  • Environmental aspects of operations.