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Artificial Lift and Real-Time Optimization for Unconventional Assets

Rajan Chokshi, PhD

INSTRUCTOR: Rajan N. Chokshi, PhD
DISCIPLINE: Engineering, Unconventional Reservoirs
CEUS: 2.4
AVAILABILITY: Public & In-House

SAMPLE TOPIC FROM THE CLASS: “Artificial Lift Challenges in Unconventional Reservoirs”

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Artificial lift and production personnel responsible for shale fields development and production. Reservoir, completion, drilling and facilities engineers working on shale development. Field and asset supervisors and managers interested in improving performance of their unconventional assets. Anyone interested in learning about artificial lift and unique challenges of unconventional production.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Unlike conventional production, unconventional production is highly dynamic. Traditional approaches to artificial lift applications are inefficient or even unsuccessful. Artificial lift life cycle is different for unconventional wells. Production dynamics requires us to rethink about application of real-time downhole and surface sensing. Software tools available to analyze field data are inadequate. This course will help attendees understand and appreciate these aspects while providing them applicable solution paths.

This three-day course is designed to give attendees an overview of artificial lift and related issues that are applicable to unconventional and tight oil/gas wells. Production optimization is also discussed particularly real-time measurements and optimization techniques that are required to understand and manage the dynamic production scenarios.

Besides introducing participants to the basics of artificial lift and real-time measurements, the training focuses on specific production and lift challenges related to the unconventional wells. Artificial lift selection and life cycle analysis are also covered. Recent advances in real-time approaches to the production monitoring and lift management are discussed using field case studies. The course closes with a group exercise wherein each group of attendees would develop problem statement and solution plans for production from unconventional assets.


  • Why and how production differs in unconventional wells
  • Artificial lift and production optimization concepts applicable for unconventional wells
    • Basics of artificial lift
    • Artificial lift life cycle
  • Real-time measurements and optimization in unconventional wells



Day 1:

  • Pre-test
  • Introduction to Artificial Lift Systems and Production Optimization: What, Why, How.
  • Production Challenges specific to Shale Development
  • Continuous Gas-lift: Applications, Benefit/Limitations, Components, Design Considerations
  • Electrical Submersible Pumping: Applications, Benefit/Limitations, Components, Design considerations
  • Hydraulic Jet and Piston Pump

Day 2:

  • Reciprocating Rod Lift: Applications, Benefit/Limitations, Components, Design considerations
  • Capillary Injection: Application for lift and chemical treatment, Components, Design considerations
  • Plunger Lift: Gas well deliquification, Components, Design considerations
  • Selection of artificial lift for Shale Wells
    • Variables specific to Shale Well ALS Selection
    • Strengths & weaknesses of applicable lift systems

Day 3:

  • Selection of artificial lift for Shale Wells
    • Lift Life Cycle and Elimination process
    • Application case Studies in oil and gas wells
  • Digital oil field and production optimization
    • Real-time downhole and surface measurements
    • Role of software in visualization, analysis and surveillance
    • Application Case Studies
  • Lift Selection Aspects in Shale: Group Exercise



This course is customizable from one to three-days length for a variety of audiences at appropriate skill and knowledge levels. Shorter and concise curriculum is available for project and asset managers interested in expanding their understanding of the effects of artificial lift on the performance of their unconventional assets.