Multi-Disciplinary Services

Multidisciplinary teams, applying the proper processes and methodologies, can more effectively generate viable exploration prospects, analyze risk, conduct economic analysis and reduce the chance of drilling a dry hole. Exploration is an expensive venture. Reduce your risk and increase your chance of success through the use of a multidisciplinary exploration.

Prospecting for oil and gas reserves in mature field areas has proven time and time again to be economically rewarding.  The unidentified remaining potential of mature areas can now be more effectively tapped with the use of new technology, extensive geologic experience, and the application of correct exploration and exploitation methods.  Many producing fields have not undergone a true, detailed multidisciplinary study in decades, if ever.

There are various levels of multidisciplinary study detail that can be undertaken, depending upon the desired results, from a simple decline curve analysis to an extremely comprehensive evaluation designed to take that last look at the field.  Multidisciplinary studies can be designed for specific results, such as determining the remaining proven-developed reserves, identifying all remaining potential (development and exploratory prospects, workovers, and recompletions), evaluating enhanced recovery opportunities, or determining the fair market value of a field for sale or purchase.

Examples of SCA’s multidisciplinary consulting services include:

  • Integrated regional or basin studies
  • Frontier and wildcat exploration
  • Exploration prospecting in and around producing fields
  • Full mature field studies and reviews
  • Mature field evaluations
  • Field development or re-development
  • Complete property appraisals for property sales, purchase, successions, tax purposes and litigation

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