Exploration & Development Prospect Generation

It’s easy to drill a dry hole on a good prospect. It’s also easy for a company’s geoscience staff to spend much of its valuable time reviewing prospects in which the company would not want to participate. SCA’s explorationists and engineers can determine the right geologic and engineering parameters that you need to pick just the right location for that next big discovery.

All areas of prospect generation and evaluation are covered by SCA including:

  • Exploration and development prospect generation
  • Assessment of structure map integrity
  • Detailed fault surface interpretation and analysis
  • Sand distribution and geometry mapping
  • Reservoir quality analysis
  • Production history and volumetric analysis
  • Integration of well log, seismic, and production data for a complete picture of prospect quality

SCA’s staff has collectively screened, evaluated, or generated thousands of prospects worldwide and have literally found billions of barrels of oil. We know what makes a good prospect and we know how to spot the key factors that make or break a prospect. Prospect generation, evaluation, and screening can be customized to fit your company’s needs. This can involve sorting and screening prospects that fit your exploration strategies or may take the form of a full scale 3D seismic, multi-well, integrated structural interpretation to identify prospects for field development.

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