Acquisition/ Divestiture

Property Evaluation

  • Reserve reports for divestiture of fields
  • Determine remaining proven oil and gas reserves from performance utilizing the latest computer technology
  • Production decline analysis using multiple methods to determine the best fit with performance
  • Creation of production databases for all producing and produced completions for performance analysis
  • Verification of maps utilizing quick look techniques
  • Update the geologic interpretation for the property
  • Determination of behind pipe and undeveloped reserves
  • Forecast rate of oil and gas production from producing well performance
  • Calculate cash flow from projected production flow stream
  • Determine bid range for a producing property
  • Calculate return on investment

Property Appraisals

  • Evaluation of acquisition candidate
  • Development of plans for the production of proven and undeveloped reserves to maximize cash flow potential
  • Complete property appraisal sale or purchase for successions, tax purposes and litigations
  • Represent owner at state and federal boards and commissions
  • Work with investors to high grade and identify attractive field acquisition opportunities
  • Determination of fair market value for a property or group of properties
  • Complete property appraisals and economic forecasts
  • Profitability and feasibility studies of existing fields and facilities
  • Organization and operation of field sales packages and data rooms
  • Economic evaluations for reserve sales or purchase
  • Investment screening for oil companies, investment companies, banks, and government agencies
  • Complete property appraisal for equity, arbitration, license round, or litigation purposes

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