Structural Geology/ Geophysical Services

Why drill a well in order to identify interpretation problems, when quantitative geometric methods exist that can identify problems prior to the drill bit?

From complex fold and thrust belts such as the South American Andes or the North American Rockies to complex extensional areas such as the U.S. Gulf of Mexico to Offshore Africa, SCA has the expertise to handle any type of structural project. Through application of the most current structural geology principles, balancing methods and our own proprietary interpretation techniques, SCA gives our clients unsurpassed advantage.


  • Worldwide structural analysis and interpretation through conventional and advanced structural methods for the following structural types:
    • General thrust, strike-slip, salt and normal faulted structural types
    • extensional rollover anticlines
    • salt/shale intrusions
    • fault bend folds
    • fault propagation folds
    • duplexes/imbricates
    • basement structures
    • inversion structures
    • wedge structures
    • triangle zones
    • interference structures
    • lateral and inverted ramps
  • Prospect generation, screening and evaluation
  • Workstation structural studies (Geosec), including interpretation, balancing, and retro-deformation
  • 3-D structural geometric analysis
  • Multiple Bischke Plot Analysis
  • Integrated regional studies
  • Cross-section construction and balancing (extensional, compressional terrains)
  • Structural formation and evolution analysis
  • Growth analysis related to regional or prospect potential
  • Retro-deformation of interpreted section
  • Structural field mapping
  • Percent sand analysis for growth normal faulted plays
  • Long wavelength domain mapping
  • Fault projection analysis
  • Fracture analysis
  • Depth to detachment calculations
  • Dip domain analysis
  • Scat-dipmeter analysis
  • Kink method analysis
  • Cross-section consistency
  • Dip Isogon analysis
  • Axial surface analysis
  • Stress analysis
  • Stereographic projection/analysis
  • Forward and inverse modeling

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