Applied Three-Dimensional Subsurface Geological Mapping with Structural Methods Third Edition
by Daniel J. Tearpock and Richard E. Bischke

This textbook begins where many others end. It is a complete and detailed book on the subject of subsurface geologic mapping and structural methods. Tearpock and Bischke present an insightful variety of geophysical and geologic techniques applicable in the four major petroleum-related tectonic settings: extensional, compressional, strike-slip, and diapiric settings. From correctly correlating well logs to interpreting seismic data, and from structural geology to computer-based mapping, this is a must have for the library of any serious geoscientist or engineer. This textbook is 822 pages in length and is highly illustrated with over 700 figures.

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Textbook Content:

  • Philosophical Doctrine for Exploration and
    Development Geoscience and Engineering
  • Hand and Computer-Based Electric Log Correlation
  • Hand and Computer-Based Contouring and Mapping
  • Use of Directional Wells
  • 2D and 3D Seismic Interpretation
  • Hand and Computer-Based Cross Sections
  • Integration of Geophysical Data
  • The Treatment of Horizontal Wells
  • Fault Surface Mapping
  • Structural Mapping
  • Isopach and Isochore Mapping
  • Advanced Structural Methods

Quick Look Techniques for Prospect Evaluation
by Daniel J. Tearpock, Richard E. Bischke, and Joseph L. Brewton
This book covers various Quick Look Techniques and pitfalls in reviewing and evaluating geologic and geophysical interpretations and, in particular, oil and gas prospects.

Significant investment decisions are often made based on the prospects presented with geologic and geophysical support in the form of interpreted seismic sections, various maps including fault, structure and isochores, and cross sections. This text concentrates on the application of a number of Quick Look Techniques (QLTs) that can be used to provide an accurate and rapid evaluation about the quality of a prospect.

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