Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC (SCA) welcomes Robert “Bob” Shoup to its consulting division, in addition to his existing role as a member of SCA’s training faculty. Bob is a Board Certified Petroleum Geologist with over 30 years experience in basin analysis, regional studies, new play generation, prospect evaluation, field studies and development planning, drilling operations, and project management.

Bob and SCA’s CEO Dan Tearpock, longtime friends and colleagues, plan to leverage their combined expertise and Bob’s extensive network in Southeast Asia to grow SCA’s presence in that region.

Bob began his career at Shell Oil in 1980, followed by four years working for private oil companies before becoming an independent consultant in 2003; consulting in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and New Zealand. Bob is a proven oil finder with a 46% exploration success rate and over 100 MMBOE discovered resources.Bob is a recognized expert in clastic depositional environments, rift basins, and syndepositional structural systems. He has served in leadership capacities and on numerous committees with the AAPG and is a past president of the Division of Professional Affairs, organizations from which he has also received multiple awards and professional distinctions. Not only does he excel in the oil and gas industry, he is also a recognized author: in 1994 Bob was a nominee for the Pulitzer Prize in drama for his play, Second Alarm.

In March, Bob presented SCA’s first ever “Applied Problems in Interpreting Clastic Depositional Systems” course to much success at SCA’s Houston, TX training facility. The course is scheduled to be repeated in Perth, Australia this coming December 10-14, and is available to bring in-house on demand. Bob is also slated to teach upcoming sessions of one of SCA’s most popular courses: Applied Subsurface Geological Mapping.