SCA recognizes that a diverse workforce is critical to improving and maintaining our competitive advantage. Our commitment to diversity focuses on identifying ways to become a truly inclusive organization, where all people are valued and respected, and the contributions of all employees are leveraged for greater productivity and performance.

Corporate Commitment
SCA’s leadership team recognizes our people are our greatest asset. By attracting, growing and utilizing the best and brightest talent from all backgrounds, we can drive our ambitious business goals. SCA strives to be both the “employer of choice” and the “provider of choice.”

Recruiting a Diverse Workforce
Recruiting a diverse workforce ultimately comes down to accessibility – have we removed all barriers so that information about position openings is available to all qualified candidates? Following are just some of our strategies for recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce:

  • Relationships with colleges and universities possessing a diverse student body
  • Informal referral networks through our existing staff and contract employees
  • Focus on retention – creating a climate that is hospitable to all employees


Fostering a Diverse Supplier Network
SCA is committed to strengthening our focus on supplier diversity to ensure that our network of suppliers adequately reflects today’s global marketplace. Supply base diversity allows us to maximize innovation, competitiveness and customer satisfaction, while developing economic opportunity.