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The Opportunity
TIER and SCA are involved in a joint venture project, Navigating CCUS – Gulf of Mexico CO2 Sequestration Market Study. The aim of this study is to significantly accelerate organizational capabilities to understand and formulate CCUS market participation opportunities. Clients will discover new, fresh insights for both short and long-term business decision making that enables informed investment, funding, and operational decisions.
Our approach utilizes a holistic, integrated geo-technical, petroleum system based and field development commercial framework.

We have accounted for the entire value chain and system from emissions to subsurface to the additional system components of pipelines and wells. This novel integrative approach to assessing markets utilizes a sound data-driven process on each of the system elements to enable full life cycle evaluations.

For the carbon storage infrastructure development outlook, the study focuses on sequestration potential of the Miocene interval in Texas and Louisiana coastal waters.

Offshore storage with EOR and in both active and depleted fields are addressed in the context of technical challenges relative to saline aquifer storage.

The study incorporates a thorough petroleum systems geosciences basis incorporating geology, geophysics, petrophysics, petroleum reservoir engineering, thermodynamics, PVT and phase behavior.

Well construction aspects, production engineering, pipeline engineering and emissions characterization are incorporated.

  • Content, analysis, synthesis, and results are continuously updated with new and emerging industry developments.
  • Range of conceptual field development scenarios provided.
  • The study is available for deployment with a rapid multi-week delivery schedule.
  • Study results and its effective utilization are communicated via a full report, workshops, and briefings.
Discover New Insights
Understand a range of possible outcomes with the energy transition to manage business participation and risk. Key questions addressed include:

  • What are Emissions Storage Volumes?
  • What is a Realistic Storage Outlook?
  • What about pipeline infrastructure?
  • How many projects will it take?
  • What is the well count?
  • How far from shore are the projects and reservoirs?
Conquer New Challenges
To ensure solid business strategy development, the market study provides understanding of new challenges, with solid grounding on technology and strategic historical context utilizing these aspects:

  • Existing and planned projects in North America
  • Carbon capture historical context
  • Regulatory challenges
  • Public policy factors like the 45Q tax credits
Learn more by viewing TIER’s Gulf of Mexico CO2 Sequestration Market Study brochure.
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