Become A SCA Instructor

SCA is looking for qualified training instructors to teach public and in-house courses.  See below for brief descriptions of open positions.

SCA offers marketing and enrollment tools in-line with industry standards, and a new training facility in our Houston office. Instructors have the opportunity to develop new training options, and to maintain technical skills through involvement in the provision of consulting services when not teaching courses.


SCA is looking for an additional instructor to teach various SCA-owned classes in the USA and overseas. The new instructor would be responsible for teaching:

  1. Applied Subsurface Geological Mapping,
  2. Quick Look Techniques (QLT’s) from Prospect Evaluation to Reserves Estimates, and
  3. Computer Mapping QLT’s- a hands-on/mentoring course.

The ideal candidate will provide training services within his/her areas of expertise and have the following skills and background:

  • Working knowledge of SCA’s interpretation, mapping and QLT methods
  • Extensive experience with the primary computer mapping programs, including knowledge of the various algorithms and gridding processes, and resultant maps
  • Strong technical, interpersonal, mentoring and presentation skills
  • At least 15 years experience in applied interpretation and mapping in upstream exploration and development
  • Bachelors, Master or PhD in geology or geoscience.


With the growing demand for upstream technical training, SCA is looking for instructors to teach the following classes both in the USA and overseas.

  • Unconventional Oil & Gas Reservoirs
  • Shale Gas Reservoirs: Appraising and Developing
  • Hydraulic Fracturing for Unconventional Oil & Gas Reservoirs
  • Fundamentals of Shale Reservoirs
  • Petroleum Economics and Risk Analysis
  • Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling
  • EOR & IOR
  • Nodal Analysis

Instructors are invited to send their resume and course description/outline along with one module of your PowerPoint presentation to our training advisory committee for review.  Upon approval, the committee will meet with you to further discuss your course objectives.

For immediate consideration, submit resume to: or fax to 713-789-3823 Attn: Human Resources. SCA is an Equal Opportunity Employer