The Daniel J. Tearpock Geoscience Certification Program

August 28, 2017 @ 8:00 am – November 17, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

COURSE LENGTH (days): 60

CEUs: 23.2


Also known as the Boot Camp, this intensive 12-week training program includes six weeks of classroom courses taught by SCA’s top instructors, followed by a six-week interpretation and mapping project. Participants learn fundamental interpretation, engineering, and mapping skills, and then put those skills to the test using seismic data, well logs, and production information from an actual development prospect. During the project phase, SCA engages a team of senior-level geoscientists to serve as mentors to the participants and help guide their interpretation and decision-making process. The program is designed to raise the competency level and knowledge of the participants in a short period of time. Composed of a logical sequence of geoscience and engineering courses, the program provides an opportunity for each participant to learn the fundamental skills in finding and developing oil and gas resources. In addition, the participants get to immediately apply the learned skills in a real project situation. In order to enhance their understanding of geologic mapping fundamentals, participants work with paper logs and seismic sections to generate maps and volumetric calculations. They will also learn the fundamentals of material balance reserves calculations, and basic economic evaluations. Upon completion of the Geoscience Certification Program, the participants will deliver an interpretation / engineering / mapping project of a producing field which includes exploration, exploitation, and development of upside potential. The participants will demonstrate their skills and gain practical experience by defending their results in a technical presentation to a team of seasoned professionals. We also welcome and encourage management from the participating companies to attend these final presentations. The main objective is to advance the skill level of the participants that will make them a contributing member of your company’s exploration or development program in a minimum period of time. The combination of in-class training, mentoring, and hands-on application through a real-world project provides the participants with well-rounded knowledge of geoscience and engineering best practices.

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